But still, while far from perfect, the program has an OK reliability and the fact that free version is supplied both with Seagate and WD disks tells something about its quality. But for system partitions beware Acronis ;-. You can download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard ver 9. If you have, say, more then Gb of valuable data to have a more reliable backup requires dollar investment in better equipment. I may have that name incorrect.

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If you want to be extra special cautious before you start the restoration, there is button that allows you to validate the prospective drive image before you intiate the Recovery. True Image really shines in this department.

Be sure in the wizard’s progressive windows, where you see Validation, check the box so that it will include the validation process following the backup. If you have basic disks, we’ll continue investigation.

Simple, afronis operations are OK and you generally should have not problems with it. No pun intended, but your configuration is pretty “Basic”.

Acronis True Image

Use two USB enclosures and the “clone drive” operation from the Utilities menu. Thus managing your versions should be a point of focus in a backup program. Of course, the persistence of the marketeers in piling an ever-growing accumulation of semi-functional “upgrade” gimmicks on top of that very shaky developmental foundation just adds to the problem.


Collect those only by request of Acronis Customer Central representative. Moreover Acronis stepped in when Symantec destroyed its Ghost franchise and actually it was Acronis who saved this type of backup programs in the voume and they should be commented for this. I’ve only done a couple of these since I have had the laptop only a short time, but at least I can say that your problem hopefully shouldn’t be related to the fact that you’re not using internal drives exclusively.

We are talking of restoring entire disk image which Acronis claims it does and apparently people are having problems. The key point is that you need to check integrity of your images after backup.

Hi, I assume that the tdrpmxxx.

Just curious, but I have a machine that I upgraded toit failed so I loaded again just so I can clone Please send your comments, suggestions, or concerns to Managers or submit your feedback here. I can see what you mean That is very important if you merge data from older backup with new data adronis from infected partition.

Acronis True Image

But Acronis sure isn’t going to make the tru and its implications widely known any time soon, let alone actually do anything to fix the root causes. To add insult to injury these 3rd party programs use a service built into Windows itself called Volume Shadow Copy.

Vendor-restricted free versions of Acronis True Image. Not a dynamic disk in sight either. So, who wins filtdr it comes to raw read and write speeds?


Try and Decide | Acronis Forum

Here are my observations: Piet has some questions on this particular function Having such drive is much preferable to bootable CD approach that True Image has. I see what you mean and I was suspicious as a dynamic volume should not be present on a Basic Disk as shown in the screenshot. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Secondly, when my seemingly good backup gave my an error while I tried to restore it, I found it helpful to run a disc check, including bad sectors check, on the target drive and it might just do the trick in helping you find out what is the cause of the problem.

I still get Blue Screens when syncing iTunes, and it still blames tdrpm How hard will it be to dig through your backups and locate the correct version? You also need to have multiple images so that one bad image does not mean a death golume for your data.

I doubt you’ll get any response, but if you do, I’d sure love to hear what they’ve got to say for themselves. You literally cannot complete the backup when this happens.