And again, it is noisy. I use a dedicated external amplifier and a quality Translation: One of my goals was to play a music file directly in the format that it was encoded in without resampling. For example, a bit, My experience with the Xonar U3 and And there you have it, a noticeably improved sound output, haven’t used the Xonar with a mic yet so I can’t comment on the input capabilities of the Xonar.

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I tend to listen using bit Hz or Hz, which sounds excellent on my system.


When i unplug the device i am able to boot but since i plugged it in i have some errors when booting systemd, see error asud. If your onboard sound is produced by the ALC or something similar, then you will benefit from the Xonar DX simply because it produces a cleaner signal with hardly any noise and it features better resistance to EMI in the audio signal.

The information updates each second to see kind of playback the Xonar DX is performing at the hardware level. The Xonar DX card itself.

[SOLVED] Asus Xonar U3 card worked in but not in

lonux Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Nothing exciting or heavy-duty, but it does the task. I use pavucontrol to tune volume. I just tried to plug it in because the audio jack of my mainboard does not output any signals. Not that I can find. In general, flatter lines and lower positions in the graphs are better. Slight hiss was heard at full volume.


I could leave it at that and be happy, but the card is capable of so much more. Audacious will use PulseAudio during playback.

Ahh, thanks for the info. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free.

Installation is dead simple, just plug in and go to Sound Preferences right click on Sound icon and the hardware, input and output tabs selecting in turn the USB Advanced Audio Device.

This bug affects 9 people.

sound – Is the Asus Xonar U3 supported? – Ask Ubuntu

In fact, I had to perform a few customizations myself to get the Linux software to talk to the sound card in the way I wanted it to. It is supported well as any USB-sound device.

I did not use these. If it does not display: So I did some research and found out that the kernel was 3.

Ubuntu: Is the Asus Xonar U3 supported?

And there you have it, a noticeably improved sound output, haven’t used the Xonar with a mic yet so I can’t comment on the input capabilities of the Xonar. The better the audio gear, xoar more it will expose any flaws in the playback chain from source material to the ears.


As it is, we cannot. Or will it just add to them? Coming from the ALC, the upgrade was not as drastically apparent as I thought it would be, but after playing various tracks recorded in different bit depths and sample rates, I began to notice finer details that I has missed before.

March 10th, 9. The ALC does asys produce this bizarre interference effect, but there is still slight a hiss at high levels. If you fix the problem yourself, please post your solution, so that others can also learn. The Xonar DX adus include system software containing equalization and special effect settings.

Mon Nov 12 Peachy 4, 7 28 Find More Posts by rokytnji. It makes management easier by not having to wade through different assus card details.

The card is supported according to Alsa wiki page for supported sound cards.