If you run this code, you should see three different messages, with different colors, fonts, and transitions between the messages. Anything in the Alpha Protocol Documentation referring to 2. I don’t intend to sell it, but rather just allow people to download it and I will support them with any problems they have. Did I miss something? You never call Dispose on the Bitmap object that you create. Dim bb As New BetaBrite. I can write them the same way I can also write them on the classic displays, but I can’t get the additional colors to work.

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Can someone please help by pointing me in the right direction to using this pages code? The BetaBrite is fully programmable via the infrared remote, but keying in long messages on the remote is a giant pain. I am looking at porting some of it to C so I can use it in a few products, but I am looking windoas sending rgb colors to the display.

It says that I don’t have the right privileges. Not disposing bitmaps properly Pete Everett Apr 5: It drives the Protocol and RS classes behind the scenes, so the user is protected from the complexities of both the Alpha Sign Communications Protocol and RS serial communications.


You never call Dispose on the Bitmap object that you create.

The Picture item represents an 8-color bitmap of up to 80×7 pixels: Dim bb As New BetaBrite. The BetaBrite supports full text build status information in eight colors and 12 different font styles– including animations! This isn’t a big deal in practice, but it cannot be abstracted away, so you must be aware of it.

BetaBrite LED Sign API

I am particularly interested in best practices and human factors in software development, as represented in my recommended developer reading list.

The Betabrite links that I know of: That way, people could be responsible for their own resource cleanup, and I’d be able to create an in-memory Bitmap windiws and feed it to your sign without the in-between step of having to save it to a file.

I hope you enjoyed this article. This is the primary Public interface for the sign. The Text item is the most frequently used, and represents formatted bwtabrite followed by a transition state:.

BetaBrite Display Interface Console |

I only implemented the Write commands, but for every Write, there is a Read. I do have a problem with your bitmap handling, though, specifically in the WritePictureFileCommand class.

And it’s not all that expensive, either. Member Apr Is there another place to the grab code from?


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Anything in the Alpha Protocol Documentation referring to 2. RS resetting port to 1 by field initializer.

I agree we should add an overloaded method which accepts a Windods object, in addition to the filename, so you can avoid the filesystem step entirely. The String item is a subset of text that acts like a variable: First off, I’d like to say that you’ve done a tremendous job with this code.

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The Windows software works fine, but what I really wanted was a native. All of the messages sent to the sign will be in a standard packet format: The child commands must override the FormDataField method, which returns the string of text specific windoss that particular command class.

I also have a coding and human factors related blog at www. As you may have noticed, text message strings support a set of lightweight HTML-style formatting codeswhich you can find in the Text Formatting region of the Protocol class: UseMemoryText ” A” c, Be sure to allocate all the memory you’ll need before writing anything to the sign.