Guy – June 17th, Here in Colorado I would like the satellite imagery as we are not riding alot of trails. This device is intended as a supplemental navigation aide only. Garras – May 2nd, Dave – December 17th, Dave — have postede earlier and may be able to help. Guy – June 21st,

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The process of finding, downloading and installing map overlays from the Bushnell site to the actual unit is tedious, numbing and frustrating.

My email is crazycelt gmail Thank you Aaron – November 1st, Michael, I would love it if you could contact me personally as well, with some instructions. If you are wanting to add a waypoint while out in the field, you certainly can.

Bushnell ONIX 400 CR

I use the safe track mode and that will keep the batteries lasting up to 15 or so hrs. They have to call in to get it going again. Data and map loading is difficult, but possible.

John – January 27th, Have activated XM weather, cannot keep activation on the unit, no detailed radar, not even an option in the drop boxes.

Having messed up onx Onix, Bushnell missed a possible niche of people interested in the weather. Can this be used for long distance trips? Not a bad unit kinda hard to set up at the start. So, thats useful when under tree cover. I am sorry I missed bushnlel woot deal. As an authorized dealer, you can rest assured that you are purchasing genuine and authentic Bushnell products and you will be eligible for all manufacturer warranties provided on these products.


Personally, I wish I had stuck with Garmin. Be sure to click on each little box then drag the 40 lot of them at once so its not so tedious doing it one bishnell one which seems to not make it work. Any tips you could give on setup for your indicated criteria would be appreciated. Stephen, I have the Onix Then when u hike or walk through an area of the downloaded map it will show up.

Garras – July 19th, Thanks for the input.

Keep on posting your findings though. Ok, from the nav compass screen peck the orange button. Do you know if and what kind of memory chips will go into busnnell CR?

bushnell onix gps | eBay

Had Bushnell licensed even the cheapest and most incomplete base map from any other GPS manufacturer, it would have been better. Jack Jack – December 15th, How do I contact someone to purchase an Onix since our emails are blocked?


Your XM Weather subscription must be activated, and XM reception turned on, before it is possible to display any weather information. Regarding navigation, it does not have the aviation data base so you are stuck with entering LAT LON info if you want to use it to navigate to a particular location. Its split screen lets you check out what XM content is playing while viewing weather data.

I am now having other issues that are making this thing impossible to use. XM is offering off for new subs so I am contemplating it. Jim – December 29th, Perhaps you could answer a few questions for me.

Your privacy is important to us, and any personal information you supply to us is kept strictly confidential. Even using a PC, I found the software to download maps difficult to use, non-intuitive and clumsy. I simply replied that she had a Mac and how is your day going otherwise? When the Onix was working, it worked well.