How can I verify that the text in a TextField is no more that 10 characters long? How can SilkTest return the logged in user”s Domain? When i tried to connect Oracle database 8i. You can check this similar thread about how to add ODBC data source under gateway. Is there a way to query an Excel file via a VB. Print verification pass or fail results to Silk Test Classic res file.

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ODBC Error: Data source name not found and no default driver specified

Failed to complete installation” when trying to install SilkTest? How can I close multiple browsers when I don’t know how many browsers are open and I don’t know which supported browsers might be in use? It seems like that functionality is disabled. Why am I unable to update or edit my Master Plan?

Clicking a control by bitmap. Using SilkTest to communicate with an ftp server. Does SilkTest support WebMethods? How can one ensure that Chinese characters in SilkTest International are not being returned as distorted illegal characters? Creating ‘Tags’ with Silk4J. What can cause “IE has encountered problems and needs to close” error when running SilkTest scripts? How to perform a double click on an image in Silk Test Classic. Why do Jot get an error indicating “Incompatible types” when running a data driven testcase?


How is a “new line” sent in a 4Test string and how is a “wordwrap” created in a 4Test statement within a testscript? SilkMeter crash when uninstalling from a bit operating system. Setting the recovery system for an unlisted application.

Aand buffer size was increased from xxx to characters” in SilkTest? If you reference a DSN that does not exist you will see this error:.

Solved: ODBC Error: Data source name not found and no defa – Microsoft Power BI Community

Is there an easy way to open a Windows Explorer folder using SilkTest? For this you need to add reference to System. Wednesday, February 7, 5: Silk Test Workbench error when importing assets: How to increase timeout settings for Find method in SilkTest?

Is it possible to store a paragraph, including newlines, into a 4test variable. Unable to configure Adobe Reader application. The only timer methods available are Start, Stop and Resume.

When km002 SetTrap, SilkTest Help recommends that it is only used once in a script, how can this be overcome if I have to use it in multiple testcases? How can SilkTest close a skinned window if the close button is not recognised? How to close an Adobe Reader v How can SilkTest compare two. Error-handling in SilkTest 13 Workbench.


Can I Verify or FuzzyVerify more than one string at the same time? Does SilkTest run on a virtual machine in the cloud?

How can the error: Thursday, July 15, 5: Function not found in. What does the SilkTest recording statement do?