If you do not wish to keep the original downloaded distribution file you can now delete it safely. The License Manager displays the menu again. The Easysoft license responder puts an attachment in its outgoing emails that allows Windows users to activate their licenses with a double-click. Descriptive text which may be retrieved by certain applications to describe the data source. The application can’t, therefore, allow for the possibility that the statistics are incorrect. If shared components seem not to be required, you will be prompted to decide whether or not to delete them. You are required to accept the terms of the License Agreement before continuing.

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General – Licensing What happens to my licenses when I uninstall the product?

Multiple logging options can be enabled by adding values together. The Windows essysoft can be carried out by anyone with local administrator privileges for the target machine.

The License Manager displays the menu again. Select this attribute to log any expression checking that the SQI layer performs.

If you have changed your data source configuration, you are advised to click OK to save the changes before accepting the new software. Miscellaneous Do I have to manually define the files in the catalog? During the installation, you are asked to answer some questions. Querying a data source on Windows On Windows, a program called sql.


Select the highest release available for your platform within your licensed major version number installing software of a different major eadysoft number requires a new Easysoft license. Select this attribute to log eayssoft errors reported at the SQI layer. If you have any doubts e. Cross-platform data access software can be obtained as follows:. The remaining three easysott E-mail RequestPrint Request and View Request are all ways to obtain a license if your machine is offline i.

This may consist of a directory path only, a directory path and a filename prefix, or be left blank. Change into the newly-created xml-odbc- x. Specify a default password for the data source.

If you chose the automatic licensing method and licenses are retrieved, the licensing script outputs them to a file called licenses.

Data Access for ISAM User Manual – Configuration

First time visitors must complete the new user form and click Register. If you download a Unix file using Windows, the browser may corrupt the filename. Use ” file filename ” to find out the file type of the downloaded file.

Only your license request identifier and contact details as they are displayed in the License Manager main screen are sent to Easysoft. Easysoft Consultancy Services Our onsite and offsite consultancy enables our customers to keep their attention focused on the systems that run their businesses while we take care of the data access layer.

Change to the directory in which the distribution file resides. Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft. This is the quickest and easiest method unless your firewall or other network obstacles prevent the message from getting through.


SQL lines in demosql scripts must end in the ” ; ” character, rather than a line feed. Invalid schema or catalog specified for the provider.

If any of these commands are missing they can be obtained from the Free Software Foundation http: At the Ref prompt, do either of ieam following:. This name cannot be changed once the data source has been created. The time in seconds after which an area of cache memory will be closed. You are now asked if you want to obtain a license.

Data Access for ISAM User Manual – Installation

It also contains a versioned directory to ensure that any shared components already installed by other Easysoft products are only overwritten if those included in this distribution are newer. Directory where the data source schema files views, users, oodbc and privileges are stored specify a different schema path for each data source to allow unique users, privileges etc.

Why do I get error “libodbc. Number of data type libraries required for ISAM.