Not sure if this is any help or not but thought I’d mention it. I just want to be able to add ringtones, etc It does nothing, I assume it should mount and show up as USB storage or similar? Any help is appreciated. Thank you for all of your help.

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I have been trying everything I can think of and no dice. I followed the thread to check if the usb is connected and it doesn’t look like it is. I know this message might not fit in here, but. Any help is appreciated.

i USB Driver/Connection Problems – Lenovo Community

Any info would help. Hi there and i35 for the help in advance. I am not looking to get it to act as a modem to get on the netz. I would like to put pictures and such on here, but cannot find it, and am not sure how to mount it.

Motorola’s iDEN i335 spotted, barely released and now refreshed

Also I have ‘Moto4lin’ installed and here is the output after I switch two P2K Mode no other mode show any success it seems to connect but does not list anything nor let me do anything: Hi, I’m very very new here, so thanks in advance for cp patience.


And still to this day I have not come up with any way of getting this thing mounted.: It seems to be a driver issue from what I can gather.

I3355 am begging to think maybe the phone is to new and there simply is no way of connecting it. Hey, why not buy mobile 3G broadband instead? I still haven’t been able to get anything to connect to mine either.

[ubuntu] Motorola i connect to PC? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I did recently pick up a micro-sd card for storage in the phone and now when connecting to the computer, it does see the card and the folders inside and allow me to copy files to it.

Thought I would bump this old thread to let all you fine folks know that as of yet there is still no way that I have been able to find to get this working. AT E0 [info] Phone answer: Thank you for the swift reply it is appreciated.

Yes I will do just that. Plain and simple it is a drivers issue and until there is a driver made for it I am SOL.

What do I do next? I’ve got the Razr v3 and I’ve never had much success getting moto4lin or anything to work. Thank you for all of your help.

So I am hoping you fine folks can help me figure this one out and I am sure many more will surely appreciate it as well. No it was plugged in.


I’m having something of the same issue. KS Here is the outpout of ‘lsusb’ seems to be detected Bus Device OK Thanks again in advance for the help!!

Maybe in the future If anyone can either help me with mounting if that’s even what I have to do to get data back and forth or the Access Point Name APN I would greatly appreciate it. It does nothing, I assume it should mount and show up as USB storage or similar? I’ve been trying px figure this out as well.

So at least you shouldn’t use it a lot unless you absolutely have to. I’ve used my cell phone to connect to the internet, and so has my brother. See if there is someway of contacting them in the software if you are l335 in helping out that way. I just want to be able to add ringtones, etc