It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Battery life is quite good. Other than that, nothing happens on the phone. An item that does not function as intended and is not fully operational. Any progress on this?

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I have had no glitches or problems, and every application seems to work well. Camera The camera got us all hot and bothered: The default icons and stuff make this phone look decades old in comparison to incitf iPhone. Internet download speeds are good, averaging kbps according to the DSL Reports mobile speed test.

We like LG’s on-screen keyboards. ZTE Nubia Z11 hydrogen os oreo 8.

On the sides we have just the volume controls, jog wheel, camera button and screen lock key. The tap, then tap again steps to launch programs from LG’s launcher, the too-small UI items and less sensitive screen that sometimes require more than one press make the phone seem less than brilliant.

Now that’s a nice app would be a great selling-point. Ratings and Reviews Write lh review. Although there’s gonna be a lot of bad things, they still aren’t as strong in comparison to the good things Bad things: The only thing that could be little better is the Windows interface. Place a call and the screen does not immediately turn off. Communications Port COM1 So I tried reinstalling the drivers from a link I found in a thread on these boards after clicking uninstall for “Windows Mobile-based Device” and having it tell me that the device is necessary to boot up the computerbut the same thing keeps happening.


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It’s hard to believe that out of every member on this forum, no one has even the slightest idea of where to start Fonts are small and images are sharp given the resolution relative to screen size, though everything is readable.

Get 10 programs running concurrently inicte any Windows Mobile phone will slow down.

LG CT Incite – Wikipedia

I chose this phone for the WiFi feature as I will not pay for a data plan. There is a stylus but no silo much like the Omnia, though we didn’t feel the need for the stylus as much with the Omnia.

I purchased this for my wife and she loves it. I saw a theme that can be installed that makes it a lot easier to use. Overall – If you want a reliable phone with good WiFi capability, this one is for you.

The Windows “x” close box and top menu controls like volume and the task manager are also hard to select with a finger. Can finger scroll anywhere in the OS. Hi, first of all, exist a lot of reviews already here in Ebay and the Web, all are a “mix” of experiences with the phone I tell it to look on the CD, as well as the directories where the USB drivers from the disk were installed.


On the upside, LG does include their own launcher and home screen enhancement for Windows Mobile. This has tabs for phone and communication related items, multimedia and web, utilities and more apps and settings.

LG CT810 Incite

It’s default settings when having arrived, WM 6. Who wants an inefficient hexagonal application interface!? My phone, however, still recognizes that it’s plugged in. I really like the look and the size of this phone. Additional Product Features Display Resolution.