There will be no charge to reprogram the amplifier for the new Turbo woofer, just the round trip shipping to update the amplifier. AVS Forum articles Contests. I have two AV MFW subs that I love, but the first amp just burnt up last night I know that they are problematic and I expect the second one isn’t far behind. Failed filename Unsupported photo file type. A Please e-mail us sales seatonsound.

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Definitely on my wish list. You you had watts per driver this would give you 6 more dB of headroom. I tested and they are perfect and ready to go. And for those of us like me that don’t quite yet understand these graphs, could you please tell in words what they mean?

AV MFW Humming Fix : audio

Knowing that I use the SA-1 amp for my enclosures, am I going to run into a sub optimal situation where the power is lackin themg to sufficiently run this driver? These were in the middle of the warehouse, so not ideal outdoor measurements of a vented sub, but if you excuse a little wiggle in the response, you can see just how smooth the response is now, and the range of options the “LF EQ” knob provides. I first replaced C2 and C3 because those showed signs of damage, but when I powered it on, C3 literally blew up.

We have a good number in stock so orders will go out quickly after the back orders. I tried the cap replacement; didn’t work.


Want to add to the discussion? Thanks and I’ll be reaching out soon for an upgrade!


This crossover can be adjusted all the way down to 30Hz when used with a stereo system. The enclosures I have are sealed, should I port them with this new driver? Combined with ICEpower’s most recently updated amplifier modules, we are able to easily pack greatly improved amplifier performance along with full-featured audio processing, controls and adjustments.

I have soldiered before and am fairly confident in doing so, but I went on the youtubes for a quick tutorial on how to replace capacitors and IMHO it was pretty easy. The amplifier is assembled in the US and similar to what we use in our JS subwoofer. Remember, on the other side of the computer is a person. The middle, light blue line is what you get with the LF EQ knob at 12 o’clock. I love the sub Finally here is a graph showing the fine adjustment available as you turn the knob from min to max where the respective colors remain the same eeplacement more increments are filled in through the range: Problem is the quad15 never really took off and there just hasnt been enough interest or demand for the new driver to warent a production run as these are not off the shelf.

Quote 0 0 0. Of course the replqcement of us are using these in a modest size listening room where we mean smaller than a ballroom or auditorium.

We are not responsible for any damage that may occur while attempting this procedure. A flat initial response is associated to how true the sound is being reproduced, and essential means the subwoofer is replacdment coloring the output in any audible manner.


This has a few potential uses depending on the room, system adjustments and listener preferences.

If those options don’t work out for you or you prefer to process are card over the phone, simply give us a call at and we can process your credit card over the phone. Sometimes I wish I deplacement have just went with an IB setup but I was too afraid to have of having the cops come over every time I played a movie.

Anyone have a link? Feel free to post your questions, show off your setups, and more. If those options don’t work out for you or you prefer to process are card over the phone, simply give us a call at and Kelly or I can process your credit card over the phone after we have sent an invoice. Mark and I have a plan and a good sample driver for a replacement for the MFW’s with a bit of added performance.

MFW Turbo Kit – Seaton Sound, Inc

My question is would my money be better spent going with a DIY repalcement instead? Drivers are MFW’s and they are both blown. Sealed is easier, anyway.