Be careful not to touch the probe. Select Setting in the same way. It requires a computer with Microsoft Excel installed for operation, but is really handy for capturing data and printing out inspection reports. What industry are you in? Finally, press Esc a few times or just press the blue button to return to the home display.

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If you watch the display as you are lowering the probe, you will note that the red bar across the top changes to blue, assuring you that the probe is in contact with the sample.

Parameter may be left at 3 and filter si-210 Gaussian. Select Setting in the same way. Alternatively, Mitutoyo has software that may be downloaded for free from their website.

Mitutoyo offers several mjtutoyo of holding the SJ You probably already own everything you need for this. For information on the parameters that have to be set for error-free communication please refer to the user manual.

Mitutoyo :: Software and Updates

Finally, attach the detector unit to the chosen accessory. Turn the unit upside-down, push the probe end of the detector in slightly to release it, and then lift the detector up. If you just purchased a Mitutoyo SJ surface roughness tester, you may want to know how to set it up for measuring roughness.


Displaying measurement results on the screen and saving them in a CSV file. With the detector mounted onto its holder, gently lower the probe onto the sample you will be measuring.

Measuring Roughness with an SJ-210

Second, attach the mituoyo cable to the display unit and the detector. What industry are you in? Ra is the standard for mechanical surfaces and Rq is the standard for optical surfaces. Rz is useful for determining if the Ra or Rq value is being skewed by a single large deviation; it will always be larger than Ra or Rq, but should not be more than about 5X larger.

The display also shows my preferred measurement settings. Before downloading this document you’ll need to login or register. Here is a picture of our height gage setup:.

To adjust these values, hold the rough parts on the sides of the case near the top middle, and slide the cover away from the display. A significant advantage of the height gage adapter is that it allows you to gently lower mitutooyo detector onto the sample or raise it for sample removal.

Here is a picture of our height gage setup: Subject How can we help: I hereby declare my consent that my data is used for dispatching information and advertisement on industrial measuring technology mitutlyo e-mail by Mitutoyo Europe GmbH.


Communication between the computer and the SJ is via a USB cable exactly like the ones commonly used for cameras. This adapter allows you to easily adjust the height and angle of the SJ if you will be making mmitutoyo measurements on a magnetic surface.

Software and Updates

Basic setting and function setting. When you are finished measurint roughness, you need to turn off the SJ and retract the probe for safe-keeping. To attach any of these accessories to the SJ, first remove the detector from the underside of the display unit. To achieve maximum usefulness, you will probably need to buy some more parts. We prefer ISO for the Standard.

This program is a simple communication program using the communication function of models LSMS,,and The most important thing is a way to hold the instrument so you can make measurements. This is a good option if you have a lot of similar parts to measure.

This is shown in the following photo.